Angels of Light oracle cards (Ambika Wauters)

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Angels strives to expand our lives. They guide and heal us, moving us forward, highlighting what needs doing and keeping us on course. This beautifully illustrated oracle featured 52 inspirational angel cards to lift the spirit, quicken your thoughts and identify your hlpes. Each card resonates with the qualities of the angel it represents, establishing a powerful connection to the Divine, and offering access to inner wisdom and guidance that will support you in all your endeavors.

The books includes detailed interpretations for each angel, along with accompanying prayers and affirmations, while a selection of card layouts helps you gain clarity and direction in your readings, as well as guiding your actions throughout the year.

Find the strength and focus to meet your challenges, by allowing the love and grace of angels into your life.

- Includes 52 divinely inspired angel cards with strong visual themes supporting intuitive guidance.

- 128-page book of interpretation reveals how to access the angels' wisdom and apply it in your daily life.

Cards roughly 7.5 x 12 cm (3 x 4.8").