Book: Nights by the Wall

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Nights by the Wall. A Guide to Dreams, Dreamwork, and profound Self-knowing by Barbara Black Koltuv.

In this engaging book, Barbara Black Koltuv, Ph.D, shares her wisdom, knowledge, and her insightful approach to dreamwork to illuminate how each of us can find the way to Self-knowing, renewal, and healing. Dr Koltuv evokes the image of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem as a place of dreams and soulful dreamwork.  At the Wall, we offer up our prayersto God, and at the Wall. if we listen closley, we can hear the voice of God within us. Dr Koltuv uses this metaphor of the Wall as the conduit, the listening heart between the dreamer and the hidden voice waiting to be heard within the soul. In the Nights by the Wall, Koltuv leads us through the realm of dreamwork to show how, through our dreams, we can come to know our Self in a complete and truthful way. Simply writing down dreams, and allowing them to matter, opens a sacred pathway to healing, wholeness, and joy.

Dreams are the heart's knowledge and guiding words of the soul. They give us a symbol system and a personal soul language by which we can know and become our most authentic Self.