Crystal Grid Set (Love)

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200.00 Grams
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A set for creating crystal grids comprising:

wooden base etched with the Flower of Life pattern, which in Sacred Geometry represents the interconnectedness of all life.  For crystal grids, this energy tempate allows the energies of different crystals to be connected and combined to assist in focussing energy towards a desired outcome

selection of crystals - quartz, rose quartz, jade, emerald, garnet - this selection has been chosen as an appropriate combination to help attract love into your life.  You could equally use your own selections of other crystals for a variety of intended outcomes

small instruction booklet explaining the basics of creating a grid


Please note that tools for healing and manifestation are exactly that: tools for use by an individual.  They are intended for use as a means to help focus the mind on positiive outcomes, but do not in themselves carry any claim to efficacy.  Similarly any items with reputed healing properies such as crystals are not intended as diagnostic or healthcare items, all complementary and holistic work should be in combination with appropriate medical supervision.