Findhorn Flower Essences Spray : Energy Shield

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Handmade with love and attunement by a team of people dedicated to the principles of healing. Made from organically grown and wild Scottish flowers, plants and trees. Developed in the heart of Findhorn following the principles of co-creation with Nature. produced in accordance with Dr Edward Bach's original instructions and guidlines. 25ml bottle.

Energy Shield: To cleanse and protect the energy field.

Energy Shield helps you to stand in strength and create the positive energy that you need to feel more confident to handle detrimental vibrations that affect you. Energy Shield helps to purify, transform and release negative energies and influences.

Scottish Primrose - fosters a sense of inner peace and calm.

Watercress - clear stagnant energies and strengthen inner defences.

Wild Pansy - enhance receptivity to, and increase circulation of life force.

Wintergreen - stand in strength during crisis or emergency.

Hematite - purify negative energies; clear and calm the mental body.

Diamond - foster fearlessness and a sense of invincibility.

Element essence of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether - stabilise the etheric chakra system by the regular anchoring of the life force.