Findhorn Flower Essences Spray : Psychic Protection

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Handmade with love and attunement by a team of people dedicated to the principles of healing. Made from organically grown and wild Scottish flowers, plants and trees. Developed in the heart of Findhorn following the principles of co-creation with Nature. produced in accordance with Dr Edward Bach's original instructions and guidlines. 25ml bottle.

Psychic Protection: Protecting the emotional body against negative forces.

Feel calm and centred by creating a safe space within you and around you. Psychic protection can help in detachment of negative thought forms or energies when you feel vulnerable, or in overwhelming situations or environments.


Daisy - calm, centred and self-assured.

Thistle - sense of inner security and strength.

Rose Alba - connect with and direct your creative power.

Watercress - transform negative energies and strengthen your inner defences.

Iona Pennywort - clear judgement and discernment.

Ancient Yew - set clear boundaries and stand in your power.

Wintergreen - stay awake and aware, even in difficult times.