Reiki Masters Training Feb - June 2018

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Reiki Masters 

This in-depth course will give you all the practical information and practice you need to work with Reiki energy effectively for self-healing and spiritual development, as a practitioner, and to pass attunements and share Reiki with other people.  However, the real value for most students is not in the techniques and textbooks, but in the personal journey that a commitment to studying the energy at this level entails.  The course consists of 3 days of teaching for Masters certification, with an optional fourth day for those wishing to receive Master Teacher certification.  Case studies and other coursework will be required for certification.

Day 1 is a day of deep connection and immersion in the energy, reviewing the journey so far, and taking time to mindfully experience your personal connection with it.  You will receive the first attunement of the course, and be introduced to the Master symbol.

Day 2 will review experiences since the first session, and you will receive a second attunement and learn the attunement process for yourself.  We will explore the energy through meditation and advanced techniques.

Day 3 will be tailored to fit the needs and experiences of the group, covering any topics requested and reviewing all the teachings and insights gained.

20 hours of case studies are required for certification.

Day 1: 10th Feb
Day 2: 14th April
Day 3: 10th June

The additional teaching qualification costs an additional £100, is covered in an additional day's teaching and requires further coursework.  Dates will be set in consultation with students.